Worldwide information literacy resources from UNESCO

A collection of Information Literacy (IL) Resources from around the world is available on UNESCO’s website in e-Pub and PDF formats. The publication titled “Overview of Information Literacy Resource Worldwide” is divided into 42 language lists and includes selected resources – from websites, books, journals and other kinds of publications – that were provided by contributors from different countries and institutions and compiled by Dr Forest Woody Horton Jr.

The author’s objective is that school teachers and school librarians, at the appropriate primary and secondary grade levels, team together to prepare lesson plans and tutorials to introduce information literacy training into the classroom, by using the extensive native language resources.

Besides the 42 lists, the publication also includes the contributors’ considerations on their language specificities, an introduction on the IL concept and the translation of Information Literacy term into 46 languages.

The publication is available in PDF and ePubs formats. The ePub format is designed to be read on mobile devices. To open the ePub on a PC, you would need to download additional software such as Calibra or Adobe Digital Editions. Alternatively, the browsers such as Firefox make it possible to download plug-ins or add-ons to view them also. More here: