World Bank launches new eLibrary on state-of-the-art publishing platform


(Washington, D.C., 23 October 2013) – Coinciding with the World Bank eLibrary’s 10th anniversary, the World Bank launched today a completely new and redesigned eLibrary website at The value-added website is available to institutions by subscription at The eLibrary takes advantage of a new, state-of-the-art platform to provide features and functions that researchers and academics need to find and work with World Bank publications and research. New features include improved search and browse functionality, chapter-level access to content, citation tools, content alerts, and mobile-friendly access.

“Now, for the first time, students and professors can search the latest World Bank publications at the chapter level, going straight to the content they need,” said Shana Wagger, Manager of Technology and eProduct Development at World Bank Publications.

The World Bank eLibrary offers full text access to the complete collection of World Bank books, working papers, and journal articles – including the World Bank Research Observer and the World Bank Economic Review – published since the 1990s. eLibrary subscribers are assured full and immediate access to all academic research and scholarship published by the World Bank.

The majority of content in the World Bank eLibrary is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license – the most liberal Creative Commons license available – which allows users to download, distribute, and build upon the Bank’s published works. Read the announcement here.


华盛顿特区(20131023日)-在世界银行电子图书馆建立10周年之际,世界银行今天推出一个全新的、重新设计的电子图书馆网站。这个增值网站通过在 elibrary.worldbank.org订阅面向机构用户。电子图书馆利用一个新的尖端平台,为研究人员和学术人员提供在搜索和使用世界银行出版物及研究时所需的特点和功能。新的特点包括改进的搜索和浏览功能、获取章节内容、引文工具、内容提示以及便于移动访问。

“现在,第一次,学生和教授可以搜索最新的世界银行出版物的章节内容,直接找到他们需要的内容,”世界银行出版物技术和电子产品开发经理Shana Wagger说。


世界银行电子图书馆的大部分内容均具有知识共享署名(CC BY)许可,这是知识共享许可中最自由的协议,允许用户下载、传播和使用世行的出版物

Read the announcement in Chinese here.