Wolters Kluwer enhances Lexicomp Drug Information with UpToDate content in ongoing effort to harmonize clinical decision making

(9 Dec 2019) Wolters Kluwer, Health announced today the addition of Clinical Insights to its industry-leading drug information resource, Lexicomp®, in its ongoing efforts to harmonize care by supporting aligned decision-making between pharmacists and physicians at the point of care.  Clinical Insights is just one of several recent enhancements to Lexicomp that are powered by improved logic and machine learning to put evidence-based information into the hands of clinicians more efficiently.

Clinical Insights is the result of a collaboration between physician and pharmacist authors and editors to develop drug monographs with enhanced content from UpToDate®. By harmonizing content between Lexicomp and UpToDate, Clinical Insights can help mitigate care variability by aligning clinical decisions made by different members of a care team.

“Embedding Clinical Insights within Lexicomp content lets care teams work off the same evidence-based playbook. This leads to better informed clinical decision making and helps reduce care variability and its attendant risks,” said Priti Shah, Vice President, Products and Solutions, Clinical Effectiveness, at Wolters Kluwer, Health. “It is the most recent in a series of enhancements made to Lexicomp with an eye toward advancing harmonized care.”

Another significant enhancement is the FORMULINK integration with UpToDate, which enables clinicians to access formulary information prior to writing orders. Doing so helps increase formulary policy adherence while also acting as a reliable and consistent means of communication between pharmacy and prescribers. This integration is an important step in the Company’s ongoing efforts to harmonize care by linking solutions together in workflow and enabling seamless access to interconnected resources. The FORMULINK integration in UpToDate will also extend to UpToDate® Advanced, interactive clinical pathways that target common medical conditions with unwanted variability in care.

The full press release is here.