Website for Burmese law resources

(28 December 2016) Myanmar-law-library (MLL) is a website hosted in France and created by Rémi Nguyen, Ph.D Candidate in Law at CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), for the access and knowledge of Burmese law.

The website contains legislative texts (Constitutions, Burma Codes, statute law) since the independence of Burma (Myanmar), court decisions of Supreme Court since British colonial times and Legal texts of International Law in connection with Myanmar (Burma).

Free of access, this website does not claim to be exhaustive (only 200 books scanned), but should be soon almost complete. This website is in English and has a search engine. Legal resources are freely downloadable by any person. However, documents spread on Myanmar-law-library are not originals or being valid copies. In the event of conflict, reference must be made to the paper version of the document.

The announcement is here.