Webinar: gaining perspective on Plan S, by Digital Science

(22 February 2019)  Digital Science invites you to join the webinar alongside a group of industry experts to shed some light on the questions you may have concerning plan S, to help you prepare for potential upcoming changes.

You’ll learn about:

  • How Plan S will shape new publisher business models
  • How publishers can avoid potential roadblocks as they look for solutions
  • The effect of Plan S on Learned Publishers – in particular, smaller, self-published ones – if implemented worldwide
  • What the goals of participating funders are and how they will manage change
  • How to better prepare for Plan S by finding out the answers to questions such as which funders, regions and research areas affected by Plan S will have the most effect on the publishing landscape (using tools such as Dimensions)
  • Monitoring impending mandates to be able to adapt workflows and use relevant tool

Expert guests on the webinar:

  • David Sweeny – UKRI – Funder
  • Dan Pollock – Delta Think – Consultant
  • Wendy Newsham – Director of Global Sales and Business Development at Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. – Publisher
  • Tracey Depellegrin – Executive Editor, GENETICS & G3 at Genetics Society of America – Publisher
  • Cathy Holland – Digital Science – Webinar host and moderator

The webinar will last one hour with time at the end for Q&A.

Date & Time: Thursday, March 7th at 15:30 GMT (10:30 am EDT)

To view the full webinar description, go here.

To register online, go here.