Vision for modern libraries in Myanmar

(11 October 2013) Since Beyond Access hosted a Salon on library-driven development in Myanmar earlier this year, interest in using the country’s 5,000+ libraries for the purpose has only grown. Beyond Access is responding to this demand by gathering partners together for the Myanmar Library Visioning Project, to be implemented by the local NGO, Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF).

With seed funding of about USD69,000, MBAPF will pull together contributions from across the library sector to accomplish the project’s three basic objectives: Coordinate a “landscape study” of Myanmar’s libraries, including how they are meeting the needs of the communities they serve; Equip a small number of pilot libraries with ICTs and the trained staff they need to use them; and Use the experiences from the above, and leading library stakeholders in the country, to lay out a vision for modern libraries in Myanmar.

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