UKSG and Kudos partnership will raise the profile of scholarly communications authors – and of the field itself

(5 February 2019)  Kudos, the award-winning service for accelerating research impact through strategic communications management, is delighted to announce a partnership with UKSG, the only organization that connects all elements of the scholarly information community to exchange ideas and advance scholarly communication.

UKSG has chosen to work with Kudos to provide even greater support for librarians, authors and publishers, to help them share their work, broaden audiences and accelerate impact.

“UKSG has a long history of publishing content that is right at the forefront of the field of scholarly communications research,” comments Lorraine Estelle, Co-Editor, Insights: the UKSG Journal. “One challenge we’ve identified is that this content is not always widely discovered by other researchers or practitioners in the field. Working with Kudos will help ensure that a wider range of readers are able to find, understand and build on the content we publish, both by introducing plain language metadata, and by helping authors make best use of their own networks in increasing the visibility of their work.”

“Many years of ‘key issues’ in Insights have shown UKSG to be early adopters of services and technologies that then become widely valued and used,” adds Claire Kemp, Senior Account Manager at Kudos. “We are thrilled that UKSG has recognized the need to more strongly support authors’ communications, and has chosen Kudos to assist in the amplification of knowledge in the scholarly communications sector.”

For examples of how UKSG authors can use Kudos to explain their work in plain language, enhance it with links to related resources, and manage sharing across both online and offline channels, see:

Kudos has the full press release here.