UK library loans lag behind US, Australia

(10 Jul 2019) In the UK, library loans are lagging behind other countries, reports the Bookseller.

According to new analysis by ex-Waterstones CEO Tim Coates, UK book loans have plummeted year-on-year since 2009–10, falling from 5.7 to 2.8 loans per person. Going further back, in 1996–97 the figure was 8.6 loans per person.

In contrast, book loans in the US were 7.4 per person in 2006–07, peaked at 8.3 in 2009–10, and were 7.1 in 2016–17. Coates also found loans in Australia fell over the same 10-year period, falling from 8.2 per person to 6.6.

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