Turnitin wins 23rd Annual Best Educational Software Award

(23 May 2017) Turnitin is proud to announce that both Turnitin Feedback Studio and Turnitin Revision Assistant were recognized with The ComputeED Gazette’s 23rd Annual Best Educational Software Awards!

The BESSIE Awards highlight programs that serve as tools for educators and/or parents that meaningfully promote educational excellence. Publishers nominate these programs, which are then evaluated according to multiple criteria such as “academic content, technical merit, subject approach and management system.” (BESSIES website, 2017).

Revision Assistant received an award in the Essay Composition Website category for middle schools. However, the BESSIES website still recognizes that “it has broad application over all levels…Highly motivating, this is something that all writers really need – a good editor.” Feedback Studio won in the Writing Instruction Support Website category within the post-secondary level. We greatly appreciate the honors and we will continue to deliver the very best supports for writing instruction.

The announcement is here.