Thomson Reuters and National Research Foundation increase global visibility of South Korea’s scientific research

(25 November 2014, Seoul, South Korea) The Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters and the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), today announced an initiative to expand the global imprint of the region’s scientific research by integrating content within the Korean Citation Index (KCI) into the Web of ScienceTM.

Launched by NRF in 2008, the KCI content is now available within the Web of Science as the KCI Korean Journal Database, which has increased the number of papers produced in South Korea (from 2002 to 2012) on the platform by 127 percent, from 20,755 to 47,066 articles. The new data set seamlessly connects to the leading indices within the Web of Science enabling researchers worldwide to review and analyze the regional content alongside top-tier international literature.

The press release has more details.