Thammasat University Library receives ISO 9001:2015 certification

(18 December 2017) Today, the Thammasat University (TU) Libraries hosted a ceremony to commemorate their reception of an ISO 9001:2015 certificate from SGS (Thailand) Limited. As library user behavior changes in line with technological progress, the TU Libraries are committed to applying advanced technology to support services and ubiquitous learning.

Assistant Professor Akekarin Yolrabil, director of the Thammasat University Libraries, noted that guidelines have been formulated for quality management in every service-related process, following ISO 9001:2015 regulations. The goal was to improve library capacity to provide required information resources and maximize reader satisfaction. Ongoing system improvements satisfy quality management system requirements and regulations. The process started in September 2016 and certification was granted in November 2017. The key success factor was the TU Libraries’ human resource staff. Eagerly developing insight into all departments, they have collaborated to improve operations and service quality, achieving certification in just over a year.

According to a reader behavior survey, undergraduates, graduate students and researchers, and lecturers and university staff comprise the main categories of library users. Some use library space for their personal work or activities without accessing information resources, others employ space and information resources, while a third group never visit the libraries, but digitally refer to information databases online.

Assistant Professor Akekarin observed: “A major challenge is rapidly changing technology, impelling libraries to continually adjust work processes and find ways to effectively manage and optimize limitations and altered conditions.

“Developing the Thammasat University Libraries requires improving service quality to meet varied needs and facilitate learning and research by all types of readers. We must integrate relevant technology to enhance service efficiency and sufficiently digitize library resources to be accessible anytime from anywhere, through smart devices. Readers will benefit from ubiquitous learning as they search information and library services any time from wherever they happen to be. We are considering new zoning arrangements in the libraries to allot more areas for constructive conversation and knowledge sharing.”

After the certificate presentation ceremony, Professor Noppadol Rompo, Ph.D. of the TU Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, a member of the independent committee for educational reform, spoke on “Learning Anywhere at Any Time.” This informative presentation was followed by Krit Pattamaroj, Associate Director of Information Services and Information Literacy for the TU Libraries, who discussed “Quality Assurance in Academic Institutions.” A panel discussion on “First Steps to International Management” followed.

The announcement with photographs is here.