Textbookspy.com, saves students cash on college textbooks

(27 March 2013) Textbook price comparison tool, Textbookspy.com, has partnered with CollegeBookrenter.com, Bookrenter.com, Chegg.com, and eCampus.com to help students save money on the price of textbooks. Textbookspy.com compares prices of millions of textbooks instantly, searching hundreds of websites for the lowest prices. With the cost of textbooks on the rise, Textbookspy.com makes purchasing textbooks, textbook rentals and eBooks easy and painless.

Since 2010, textbook rentals have become a major staple in the college textbook market. It is estimated that over 25 percent of students now prefer renting textbooks rather than purchasing them outright. Textbookspy.com has now included top textbook rental companies in the comparison algorithm providing it’s visitors with the most robust and complete comparison on any textbook they need.

Textbookspy.com serves as a shopping utility that keeps money in students’ pockets. The site uses the latest technology available to search the web for textbook prices. It also features the option to sell textbooks by listing the top textbook buyback offers given by various reputable textbook sites.

Textbookspy.com delivers textbook prices instantly by searching hundreds of textbook stores by using dedicated API technology. Stores include Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Half.com, Alibris, Textbooks.com and many more. The website launched in December 2011 and continues to be a top comparison solution for college students in the U.S.