Taylor & Francis Online supports clinical trial data linking

(15 Jan 2020) Taylor & Francis Online now displays clinical trial data within the Crossmark popup, as seen above, including links to other publications that relate to those clinical trials

Taylor & Francis Online (tandfonline.com) now links clinical trial data to published articles and automatically deposits this data to Crossref and PubMed, when authors supply the clinical trial numbers within a manuscript.

Currently, Taylor & Francis publish over 250 journals in the Medicine and Health subject area and articles published in this field are often associated with a registered clinical trial.

This new development will enrich the PubMed metadata record and establish a permanent link between the published article and any clinical trials related to it using functionality provided by Crossref.

Clinical trials are registered with one of the fifteen WHO-approved public trial registries, or with clinicaltrials.gov, which is run by the US National Library of Medicine. Once registered, a trial is assigned a clinical trial number (CTN) which is subsequently used to identify that trial in any publications that report on it.

This development enables readers to easily identify when there is clinical trial data associated with the specific study. It also allows readers to discover other articles related to a specific clinical trial – improving the user experience by enhancing discoverability and data transparency.

To access the clinical trial data, readers will simply need to click on the Crossmark button which features on the article PDF and online article page. If there is any associated clinical trial data, this will appear within in the Crossmark popup alongside links to other articles that directly relate to those clinical trials.

Stewart Gardiner, Journals Global Production Director at Taylor & Francis commented, “We are really excited about this new development, which will improve researcher and author experiences. By linking clinical trial data for medical journal articles to the online research article we are improving discoverability of research data, resulting in a more fulfilling experience for the reader and a better presentation of work for the author.”

The press release is here.