Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies and Leiden University

(7 July 2015) Since 2014, Leiden University Libraries have set up a ‘Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies‘. This resource center, established by an official agreement between the National Central Library in Taiwan (NCL) and the Leiden University Libraries (UBL) signed last October, will be the platform for Taiwan to promote and share both Taiwan and China studies with the faculty, scholars and students of the university. The agreement, aimed to strengthen academic ties, resulted in a generous donation of books on all kinds of subjects relating to Chinese studies, and provides access to a wealth of digital Chinese resources.

The TRCCS book collection which is continuously updated, can be found on dedicated bookshelves inside the East Asian Library Reading Room. All books are available for browsing and borrowing. Apart from printed works, staff and students of Leiden University have access to many electronic databases, hosted by the National Central Library.

Read the announcement in full on the East Asia Library blog.