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Bollywood blocks the Internet Archive

Access to the Internet Archive is being barred within India (9 August 2017) The move appears to be the result of two Bollywood production companies attempting to stop pirated copies of their films being viewed online within the country. A government agency emailed the BBC copies of the court orders involved. They list 2,650 websites […]


Wayback Machine: Now with 240,000,000,000 URLs

(9 January 2013)  The Wayback Machine, with much more data and some code improvements, now covers late 1996 to December 9, 2012 according to a recent blog posting by Brewster Kahle.   Even more incredible is that the Wayback Machine has gone from having 150,000,000,000 URLs to having 240,000,000,000 URLs, a total of about 5 petabytes […]