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UBC Library, Vancouver Campus hiring Chinese Rare Books Cataloguer Librarian

(9 February 2018)  The Puban Collection, formerly owned by Yao Junshi of Macao and acquired by UBC in 1959 with funds from the Friends of the Library and Dr. Walter Koerner, contains some 3,200 Chinese titles in about 45,000 volumes in thread-stitched binding, the majority of which came from the well-known Nanzhou Studio of Guangdong […]


In Memory of Ms. Tung King Ng

 (26 June 2014)  The UBC Asian Library has announced the passing of  Ms. Tung King Ng (伍冬瓊), the first Head of the Asian Library, at age 92. Ms. Ng graduated from the Chinese Department, University of Hong Kong  where she worked as the Librarian of the Fung Ping Shan Library (馮平山圖書館).  She joined the UBC Library […]


Knowing 360 Jobs in Old China from Cigarette Cards

(10 January 2014)  The University of British Columbia invites you to a new exhibition “Knowing 360 Jobs in Old China from Cigarette Cards” (从烟画看旧中国的三百六十行) on the upper floor of the Asian Library from 6 January to 5 April 2014. Cigarette cards, also known as cigarette picture chips, first appeared in 1875 in North Carolina.  They […]