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Kuala Lumpur ‘living library’ bridges generation gap in ageing Asia

(25 June 2018, Kuala Lumpur) A “living library” project in Malaysia’s capital is lending out older people’s knowledge to the young, to improve the lives of pensioners and bridge Kuala Lumpur’s generation gap. It links groups of students with retirement homes so older people can discuss the challenges they face living in the city. The […]


The National Diet Library conducted research on the super-aged society and libraries

(7 June 2017)  The National Diet Library has published a report of its research on the super-aged society and libraries. This research comprises case studies through bibliographic survey and field work focusing on the library services for the older people provided at the three public libraries, as well as interviews with 20 older people including […]


Encouraging Senior Citizen Participation in Public Libraries

Free Access to “The Public Library in an Aging Society: Developing Active Library Participation in Japan” Japan represents a typical nation with their overall demographic shifting toward the older population. In 2012, Japan’s total population was 127.5 million, of which 31 million were over 65 years of age. Now in Japan, one in every four […]