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The four-legged library brings books to children in the desert

(11 Jun 2020)  In Ethiopia, 13-year-old Mahadiya is worried. Coronavirus restrictions have forced schools and businesses to close, and there is little to do in the dusty village but wait for school to re-open. She’s seen the consequences that has had on some of her classmates. But Mahadiya has dreams of being an engineer. A dream that […]


Delivering library books by drone

(10 Jun 2020) Kelly Passek has thought up a way to get kids to read this summer: deliver library books by drone. Passek, a middle-school librarian, was one of the first customers of a drone delivery service launched in Christiansburg, Va., last year by Wing, a company owned by Google parent Alphabet. After seeing how quickly […]


Linking up with Alipay allows easy book access to borrowers

(16 February 2019)  When you borrow a book from the local library but then travel to another city, what to do if it’s due back in a few days? Not to worry, the booming logistics industry and a third-party online service platform can help. Zhejiang Library in Hangzhou announced a new policy at the beginning of […]