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Linked up, Loud & Literate: libraries enabling digital citizenship

(21 March 2016) Videos of speakers and panel discussions at the 9 March 2016  ‘Linked up, Loud and Literate: Libraries enabling digital citizenship’ seminar at the National Library of Australia are now available. MC-ed by 666 ABC Radio’s Louise Maher, the half-day seminar featured speakers from the library sector and government, including Alastair MacGibbon, Australia’s […]


Linked Up, Loud and Literate

(30  November 2015)  Following very positive response to the libraries and digital citizenship seminar held at the National Library of New Zealand on 12 November, NSLA agreed to begin planning for related events in Canberra and Adelaide in 2016. The focus will continue to be on digital citizenship, e-government, digital inclusion and the role of […]


Linked up, loud and literate

(28 August 2015) What does digital citizenship really mean? And what do libraries and cultural institutions have to do with it? How can we best equip and empower community members to be confident, capable and engaged citizens? This November NSLA is joining forces with representatives from government, museums, public libraries, school libraries and community organisations […]