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Dash receives Sautter Award for Innovation in Information Tech

(17 August 2017) For the second year in a row, a California Digital Library service has captured a Larry L. Sautter Award for Innovation in Information Technology. This year the silver Sautter award went to the Dash team for its user-friendly platform for managing, archiving and sharing research data. Dash is an open source, community driven project that […]


New Web Archive: Current Events in China – Popular Websites, Blogs & Twitters

(10 September 2013)  Newsnet, Commentary, Blog, and Twitter are the major channels for over 500 million Chinese to access news, voice opinions, and exchange ideas on current important domestic and international issues. The California Digital Library’s Web Archiving Service (WAS) captures and preserves ephemeral content to fill the gap of collections and services. The “Current Events […]