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Promoting practice innovation, improving service level—2016 Chinese Library Annual Conference is held in Tongling, Anhui Province

(9 November 2016) From 26 October to 27 October, 2016 Chinese Library Annual Conference was held in Tongling, Anhui Province. Many leaders attended the opening ceremony, including Yu Qun, a member of the Ministerial CPC Committee of the Ministry of Culture, minister assistant of the Ministry of Culture, and director of Department of General Affairs. […]


The Experience Area of National Digital Library of China is exhibited in 2016 Chinese Library Annual Conference

(4 November 2016) Through virtual reality, human-machine interaction, video and so on, the Experience Area of the National Digital Library of China displayed the development achievements of the Digital Library Promotion Project, including network interconnection, unified user authentication, cooperative development and sharing of resources, and library big data application. It also provided interactive experiences for […]


China’s first library bookstore opens in Anhui

(3 January 2016) A large library bookstore was opened to readers on 3 January 2016 in the Tongling City of east China’s Anhui Province. The Tongling City Library, also a Xinhua bookstore, was jointly established by the local government and the Xinhua Publishing Group, the first of its kind in China to promote transformation of […]