Syiah Kuala University Library speeds up searching with Google Custom Search

(3 May 2014) The Central Library of Syiah Kuala University in Indonesia’s Aceh province is developing its open access service for students and faculty. In particular, the library is facilitating searching by integrating its opac and repository using the power of Google technology.

This solved a pressing problem of declining search performance as the number of documents from numerous libraries grew to more than 300,000.

To address this issue, the library developed a single common portal using Google Custom Search to index the opac and repository.  Search performance has been much improved as can be experienced here:

Before Google Custom Search
Access to OPAC:
Access to Open Access collection:

After Google Custom Search: a single common portal for the site:

Compare before and after Google Search was implemented by searching for your keyword at the original site and the Google-based common portal

Dr. Taufiq Abdul Gani, Director of the Central Library thinks this approach is helpful for libraries which lack an IT infrastructure and experience low internet speeds.  Contact him here:

Read the Indonesian version here.