South Korea promises new crackdown on pirate sites

(13 January 2019) The government in South Korea says that it shuttered 25 pirate sites in 2018 and arrested the operators of more than half of them. It also announced the launch of a new response center to more quickly deal with pirate sites via blocking. Thousands of platforms are already blocked in the country.

South Korea has long been associated with some of the fastest average Internet connection speeds available anywhere in the world. The country topped the list in 2017 and is still a key player today.

While fast Internet speeds are great for average users, Internet pirates are always particularly grateful for speedy transfers and those in South Korea are no different. As a result, authorities in the country have been under pressure to do something about piracy rates.

In an announcement this week, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism revealed that specialist Intellectual Property Rights police shut down 25 pirate sites in 2018, adding that the operators of 13 had been arrested. Some will face criminal proceedings alongside claims for civil damages, reports suggest.

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