Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton campus Monash saves power

(18 September 2014)  If your electricity bills are mounting, take a leaf out of the book of Monash University, Australia, whose Sir Louis Matheson Library is saving electricity while maintaining or improving facilities for students in the libraries.

During a pilot study over the winter break, an area of book stacks at the Matheson Library was fitted with LED lights. Sensors were fitted so that lights in low traffic areas would only come on when there is someone one in the space.

The trial was very successful, delivering more than 80% in savings in light energy and providing lights that are brighter and need very little maintenance. The remaining General Collection areas at Matheson Library will now all be fitted with the LED lights in time for the summer break, when it is expected that most electricity savings will be made.

The full story of energy saving at Monash is here.