Singaporean team with Chancellor George Yeo on a three day visit to Nalanda University

(30 January 2016) Towards the end of January, a group of donors, supporters and friends of Nalanda University from Singapore and Hongkong visited Nalanda from 24 to 26 January 2016.

The group was accompanied by the Nalanda University Chancellor Mr George Yeo. It included donors who have contributed to the gift that will design, build and deliver the Library at the main campus site of Nalanda. The nature of the gift is not a cash donation, but the funding of the building cost of the Nalanda Library in its first phase. This gift from the people of Singapore to Nalanda, was an initiative of George Yeo before he was named Chancellor.

Mr. K. C. Chew a consultant in philanthropy in Singapore and currently the Honorary Secretary at Nalanda Library Fund Limited was also travelling with group. Commenting on the gift Mr. Chew said, “When we set out to raise the funds for this gift, we had set ourselves a target to raise S$10 million, and about 80% of that has been secured…”

Talking about the importance of supporting a project like Nalanda University, Chancellor Yeo said, “Endowments play a very important role in building centres of knowledge and allowing them to realize their academic vision. As the Nalanda project moves ahead, we hope to have many more people join in this vision.” Thanking the supporters for their interest in the University, Dr. Gopa Sabharwal, the Vice Chancellor said, “We are really grateful to the people of Singapore for believing in the vision of Nalanda and look forward to increasing support for this project.”

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