Singapore Press Holdings newspapers offered on microform

You might think that microform has gone the way of the dinosaurs now that we have digital storage and search. Far from it. Microform remains the archival medium of choice.  Whether it’s theses, architectural drawings, wallpaper or newspapers, microform is your guarantee that your content will still be useable 500 years from now with proper storage. Sceptical? Think of VHS videocassettes, laserdiscs…where are they now? Can you even buy a VCR today?

Happily, Micrographics Data, a leading document management and preservation company, offers services and products to libraries, businesses and indeed anyone with documents to preserve.

Based in Singapore, Micrographics Data,, has recently appointed the iGroup to distribute SPH (Singapore Press Holdings) Newspaper Archive Microflims. The collection includes The Straits Times, Sunday Times, several Chinese language newspapers including  Lian He Zao Bao 联合早报 and the Tamil language newspaper தமிழ்முரசு, Tamil Murasu. 

To learn more visit the iGroup here: