Singapore incorporates video in health care education with Binumi

(15 November 2016) Medical schools are setting the pace for wireless video technology applications in the classroom, hospital wards and operating theatres. And helping them to succeed is Binumi.

Medical students at Nanyang Technological University’s Lee Kong Chian School Of Medicine are using Binumi in their workflow, capturing, editing, and archiving footage which once was an inefficient and time consuming process.

Using their iPads, medical students are editing and archiving their daily routines to share with colleagues and professors.  These videos are archived in a secure central repository for review and assessment by faculty for use in on-going studies and future research and lectures.  Binumi’s cloud-based editing tools and organizational storage make this happen effortlessly.

At the National University of Singapore the School of Medicine is looking for long term video solutions with deep integration with their LMS and instructional design workflows.  Beyond using video in a traditional sense, such as supplementing lecture material, professors and doctors require students to document their lab and clinical work in video as well.  These assets provide a record of the students’ progress and an invaluable resource for assessment and program effectiveness.  Additionally, the doctor patient relationship is also benefiting from interactions through video in an area NUS students focus on: patient care (both physical and mental).

Further partnerships with NUS include creating further clinical models and animations to add to the Binumi library to benefit medical programs around the world.

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