Singapore High Court blocks access to ‘pirate’ set-top box apps

(23 November 2018) The Singapore High Court has handed down an injunction which requires several local Internet service providers to block access to popular ‘pirate’ apps. The order, which has not yet been made public, was issued following a complaint from local TV companies plus Fox International and the UK’s Premier League.

Configurable set-top boxes are a continuing thorn in the side of entertainment industry groups everywhere.

Such devices often come pre-loaded with software applications that provide access to infringing copies of movies, TV shows, and other content. They’re also the weapon of choice for pirates looking to obtain live television, particularly sports, without paying the going rates from official suppliers.

As a result, content companies around the world are responding to the threat, either by tackling app developers head on or via applications for Internet service provider blocking orders.

TorrentFreak has the news in full.