Searchable Tibetan texts now a reality

(26 September 2014) The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center has announced the release of its Tibetan eText Repository on

The eText repository is a collaborative effort between TBRC and many publishers, authors and institutions to archive and make available a large corpus of searchable Tibetan texts.

Since it’s inception, TBRC has endeavored to make Tibetan literature of maximum availability and usability through the digital archive. Until now, this has been done through scans.

The eText format, made possible through the use of Namsel OCR (a Tibetan optical character recognition technology developed at UC Berkeley), means in-text searchable data of Tibetan literature is now a reality.

Researchers will be able to search for a place name, a person’s name, a topic, a title, a term inside texts, across many collections, in many different traditions, in different points in time, discovering connections that might otherwise be impossible to imagine.

To learn more about the Tibetan eText repository visit here.

To learn more about how to use the resource click here.