SAGE supports access to information in Cambodia

(11 February 2015, London) SAGE today was delighted to announce an extended partnership with the eIFL Foundation scheme. The extended agreement offers access to SAGE Journals (SJ) online and SAGE Research Methods (SRM) to all 18 members of the foundations branch in Cambodia, Cam-eIFL.

The eIFL foundation supports the wide availability of electronic resources for library users in developing countries by helping to negotiate the creation of library consortia across multiple countries. As part of this agreement access to resources and research journals is offered to members for free or at a greatly reduced price. SAGE has been involved with the foundation for several years with already established agreements with eIFL in Palestinian Territories, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Macedonia. The added partnership with Cambodia goes further to highlight SAGE’s commitment to supporting global access to research and education.

This agreement will allow all 18 members of Cam-eIFL to apply for free access to both SJ and SRM. More details on the scheme can be found here.

Read the full announcement here.