RMIT selects Ex Libris Rosetta for preserving and providing access to digital collections in the long term

The Rosetta preservation solution will support RMIT’s ongoing project to digitize the library’s resources

(5 September 2018, Adelaide, Australia) Ex Libris®, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce that RMIT University has chosen the Ex Libris Rosetta™ digital asset management and preservation solution to handle RMIT’s digital resources more effectively.

Approximately four years ago, the RMIT university library initiated a program to digitize items from many university collections, including historical, art, and architectural images and student works. With plans to digitize additional collections, RMIT recognizes the importance of a solution that will offer long-term preservation of the newly digitized resources along with 24/7 access to them.

The Rosetta solution will also address RMIT’s need for a mature solution that will integrate with the school’s other applications, adhere to worldwide preservation standards, and benefit from a strong development roadmap.

“Rosetta will enable us to expose more of our unique collections to both students and staff,” commented RMIT’s Associate Director of Library Resources Stephen Gillespie. “The cultural heritage of any organization is a prized resource,” he continued. “Our digital collections support the university’s strategic goals by giving access to digital objects that both students and staff will use in their day-to-day learning and teaching.”

Ziv BenZvi, vice president of Ex Libris Asia Pacific, commented, “We are pleased to further strengthen our relationship with RMIT which, as a customer of ours for many years, uses both Alma and Primo. In addition, RMIT recently joined the early adopter program for the Ex Libris Esploro research services solution. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with RMIT as we implement the Rosetta digital asset management and preservation solution to support the school’s digitized collections.”

The announcement in full is here.