A review of the Second Historical Archives of China (第二历史档案馆) (Nanjing, Jiangsu, China)

(24 November 2015) The Second Historical Archives of China (第二历史档案馆, sometimes abbreviated SHAC, and also called the No. 2 Historical Archives of China) are located in Nanjing on East Zhongshan Road (中山东路309号, postal code: 210016). The Nanjing archive preserves important central-level archival documents from the Republic of China. As reported in newspaper articles, in 2008 the archive began a process of digitization that placed bureaus out of circulation. Now, all files are viewed digitally rather than on paper. This report is meant as merely an introduction to the new computer-based system for viewing files.

From the point of view of using the archives as a researcher, Margaret Mih Tillman, Faculty of History, Purdue University, Indiana, USA, describes preparation and registering as a user, using the digital index, printing services, and practical matters including how to get to the archives.

Read her detailed account here.