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Flinders Centre for Clinical Change & Health Care Research

Flinders Filters is a research team at Flinders University, Australia, specialising in information retrieval. The team develops real world solutions including search filters and online search tools.

Finding the existing evidence base is a prerequisite to implementing evidence. However, searching for this evidence is difficult.

“Search filters” are evidence based literature search strategies, developed using an explicit methodology and tested using a gold standard test comparison study design. They provide a standardised, systematic subject-based search with a known level of performance.  Embedding the search filter into a URL for a database such as PubMed provides the searcher with access to a highly performing literature search simply by clicking a link. This capacity for ready implementation is a powerful feature of this research programme.

Flinders Filters has evolved from research within CareSearch. Flinders Filters and CareSearch are developing an ever increasing collection of subject-based search filters of national interest and international significance.

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