Relish cultural treasure at National Library of China

(3 January 2018) Responding to China’s first library law which guarantees libraries’ cultural service function for the public, the National Library takes the lead in bringing traditional cultural gems closer to people in Beijing.

On Jan 1, the library opened an exhibition on Siku Quanshu, also known as the Imperial Collection of Four. It is the largest book collection in Chinese history, consisting of over 3,500 books transcribed by nearly 4,000 workers for 13 years.

“The arrangement of Siku Quanshu you witness here in the library is exactly the same as in the period of Emperor Qianlong,” Saren Gaowa, deputy director of the rare book department, said.

Besides the books and manuscripts from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), visitors can also walk down memory lane by copying the calligraphy of original works and taking photos with decorated cardboard figures. has the full story and pictures.