Rate my copyright law – how well does your law support libraries?

(2 August 2016) The EIFL Core Library Exceptions Checklist sets out provisions that every copyright law should have to support library activities and services in the 21st century, such as lending, making an electronic copy of a journal article or book chapter for a user, providing library material for use in virtual learning environments, and undertaking digital preservation.

The checklist is a practical way to evaluate your copyright law, identify gaps or see where the law is doing well. It is a starting point for policy advocacy, or to propose amendments if the copyright law in your country is being updated.

The checklist has 18 questions concerning core library activities and services. Each question has a short explanatory note and a model provision.

The checklist is accompanied by ‘Rate my copyright law’, a handy tool to rate your national law for core library provisions. You can score how the law performs out of a total of 36 points (if every question is answered), identify any gaps, or see where it’s doing well.

The checklist is also available in poster format.

The materials are available under a Creative Commons licence. EIFL encourages re-use and translation with appropriate credit to EIFL.

The announcement is here.