Publishers taking legal action against ResearchGate to limit unlicensed paper sharing on networking site

Separate suit against pirate site Sci-Hub by the American Chemical Society appears likely to succeed

(5 October 2018)  Several scientific publishers, including the American Chemical Society, are expanding their legal actions against sites that facilitate sharing of scientific articles in violation of copyright law.

The publishers are preparing to issue what could be millions of notices to the scientific networking site ResearchGate asking it to remove copyrighted material. ACS and Elsevier have also sued ResearchGate for copyright infringement.

Founded in 2008, ResearchGate is a for-profit company and now has more than 13 million members and 100 million publications, according to its website. Its funding comes from venture capital investment; investors include Bill Gates, Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, and Wellcome Trust. ResearchGate also sells advertisements that appear alongside its content.

But as many as 7 million articles that appear on ResearchGate do so in violation of copyright law, publishers allege.

c&en has the full story by By Jyllian Kemsley & Andrea Widener.