ProQuest shines new spotlight on library content and student savings

New integration of the Summon® discovery service and SIPX® course materials solution encourages use of library holdings to help students and schools save money

(19 January 2016,  Mountain View, CA) ProQuest has introduced an integration of the Summon® discovery service with the SIPX® course materials solution that delivers libraries an innovative, cost-saving approach for the seamless sharing of library collections and open access content into course materials workflows.  The sophisticated Summon-SIPX connection bolsters the relevance, visibility, and value of the library across campus by making it easy for instructors to discover and assign any readings they want to use in traditional and online classes, including showcasing library holdings and open content.

The new integration represents another example of ProQuest bringing together its services to benefit libraries, researchers, educators and students, by integrating best-in-class content and discovery tools with the curriculum tools that faculty and students want. Faculty and staff can quickly set up and share course readings by adding items to SIPX from Summon search results, taking advantage of seamless single-sign-on flow that eliminates any need to train users. Available as an additional purchase option, activating the SIPX integration into Summon is simple and requires no local development effort – it turns on with a single click in the Summon administrative module.

“We’re excited about this next step towards making education better and more affordable,” said Franny Lee, SIPX General Manager. “The Summon-SIPX Integration not only highlights savings that can be achieved for students by using library and open resources, but also streamlines formerly manual processes for preparing course materials. This combination offers schools an easy and rewarding first step into a scalable curriculum solution with the flexibility to grow with the campus as education and technology needs keep rapidly evolving, even into LMS environments and campus bookstores.”

For more details or information about this unique integration, take part in an upcoming January or February webinar by registering at Summon-SIPX integration webinar.

The announcement in full is here.