Popular BrowZine service is now accessible on the web

(20 July 2015) Third Iron, LLC, a leading information technology company, today announced the release of BrowZine Web Edition. BrowZine is the preferred service researchers around the world use to browse, read and follow the scholarly journals available from their library.

Kendall Bartsch, Co-Founder and CEO, noted that “users interact with mobile and desktop platforms at different times throughout the day. Since its introduction, web access has been our number one requested feature and BrowZine Web Edition will open important new ways for researchers to incorporate BrowZine into their workflow from whatever platform they may be using.”

“Building BrowZine for the web has allowed us to design powerful ways for librarians to integrate the BrowZine technology into library websites, such as research guides and courseware,” explained John Seguin, Co-Founder, President and COO. “By empowering libraries to present their journal collection in the BrowZine Scholarly Reading Room, librarians can showcase their collection in a visually immersive way and encourage serendipitous discovery of their content in ways not otherwise possible.”

Access to BrowZine Web Edition will be added for all existing customer accounts and included as a standard part of the BrowZine service for new customers.

Read the full announcement here.