Penguins again, in Singapore

(4 August 2014, Singapore)  The National Library Board (NLB) will keep separate the team that selects books for acquisition, and the team that reviews the books, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim said in Parliament recently as reported by The Straits Times.

Dr. Yaacob was speaking in the aftermath of the National Library Board’s banning of three children’s books, one of which featured a  penguin couple, both male, raising a penguin chick.

An external advisory panel to review titles which could cause controversy will also be set up by the NLB. The minister said that the committee should reflect ‘a cross-section of society.’

Read the minister’s comments in The Straits Times story by Pearl Lee here.

A few weeks before the penguin couple became famous, Singapore’s 2014 Pink Dot LGBT gathering attracted a crowd of 26,000 reported The Straits Times.

The background story and the news that And Tango Makes Three featuring the penguin dads and their chick were re-housed in the adult section of the library, is here.