Penguin couple banned in Singapore

(16 July 2014) Singapore’s National Library Board, NLB, has removed three books for children for not being ‘pro family’. Between them, the three titles – And Tango Makes Three, The White Swan Express and Who’s In My Family? feature two male penguins who hatch a penguin chick, and human would-be parents including a same sex couple and single mother wanting to adopt children.

The penguin couple are no strangers to publicity having attracted attention in the United States where And Tango Makes Three is on the American Library Association’s list of books most frequently receiving removal requests.

Nearly 5,000 people have signed an open letter and a petition calling for the books to be returned to the shelves, arguing that the ban amounts to censorship and that the books are not against family values, reports the BBC website. NLB Chief Executive, Elaine Ng is reported to be saddened by the public reaction.

Follow the story on the BBC website and LJ INFOdocket.

(18 July 2014)  Singapore’s Communications and Information Minister, Yaacob  Ibrahim ‘has instructed the National Library Board to place the controversial children’s books in its adult section instead of pulping them’ reports The Straits Times.