Paperity partners with Altmetric in measuring social impact of papers

(23 February 2015) With the advent of the internet era and online academic publishing, the way how scholars communicate and how their impact is measured is undergoing radical evolution. Traditional citation-based metrics, such as impact factor or h-index, are being increasingly complemented by alternative metrics, or altmetrics, which measure online attention received by a given article in the form of mentions and link shares in social media and other popular sites.

Paperity will provide Altmetric with the metadata of all its articles for proper identification of the papers; and Altmetric will track social mentions of these articles and measure the online attention they receive. Each paper will receive an Altmetric score. If a given article has been tracked already by Altmetric using other web addresses (outside Paperity), mentions of its Paperity pages will be added to the existing score.

Examples of Altmetric scores of Paperity articles that were mentioned on Twitter can be found here or here. Every social share of a link to an article in Paperity will increase the score of the paper and will help its authors demonstrate their impact and build their academic CV.

At the moment, papers are identified in Altmetric by their Digital Object Identifier (DOI), thus the integration works only for journals that assign DOIs to their articles. Paperity hopes that the integration will be extended in the future to cover all types of papers. We also plan to establish similar cooperation with ImpactStory, another leading provider of alternative metrics.

Read the entire announcement here.