ORCID member survey report is now available

(5 Mar 2019) A full report and the anonymized data set are now available; some of the learning points for ORCID include:

  • Disambiguation of researchers was the top reason given for joining ORCID, and most respondents focus on using ORCID to help researchers.  However, user adoption is seen as the biggest challenge to implementing ORCID
  • Access to the member API is the most valued membership benefit, but building and reviewing/launching an integration are considered the most challenging aspects of implementing ORCID
  • Communications with ORCID are rated highly, with high scores for our technical  documentation, but only around one third of respondents are using our freely available outreach resources
  • Members are largely positive about ORCID, shown through multiple modalities: a NetPromoter score of 38, high scores for questions about interactions with staff,  and perceived value of key member benefits.
  • We have more work to do to improve our members’ understanding of, and ability to demonstrate, the value of ORCID — to themselves, their organizations, and their researchers

Alice Meadows has the full story here.