Open Access: Springer tightens rules on self-archiving

(25 June 2013) Richard Poynder writing in his blog Open and Shut writes that Danny Kingsley — Manager for Scholarly Communications & ePublishing at the Australian National University (ANU) — has highlighted a number of publishers that have recently changed their self-archiving (Green OA) policies.

One of them is Springer — the world’s second-largest journal publisher — which changed its self-archiving policy earlier this year.

While Springer had previously insisted that where a funder required papers to be deposited in a central repository like PubMed Central this could only be done after a 12-month embargo, it allowed authors to post their papers in institutional repositories immediately. Under the new policy, however, the 12-month embargo has been extended to cover papers posted in institutional repositories as well. (Although authors can still post copies of their accepted manuscripts on their personal web sites without embargo).

In the hope of clarifying matters Richard Poynder sent a list of questions to Springer. The answers by Eric Merkel-Sobotta (Corporate Communications, Springer) are here: