OCLC partners with National Library of New Zealand to implement WorldShare Interlibrary Loan services

Te Puna Interloan Migration Project supports ongoing commitment to OCLC metadata and resource sharing services

(30 July 2018, Melbourne) OCLC has extended its partnership with the National Library of New Zealand with an agreement to provide more than 200 New Zealand libraries access to WorldShare Interlibrary Loan (ILL), which connects thousands of libraries around the world. The addition of WorldShare ILL services complements discovery and metadata workflows already managed through OCLC’s cloud-based WorldShare platform.

OCLC currently hosts Te Puna Services, a collection of online tools and services created with New Zealand librarians to support daily workflows. Te Puna also offers a separate view of the combined catalogue of New Zealand libraries in WorldCat—the world’s most comprehensive database of information about library collections—which is the equivalent of a national union catalogue. By moving from OCLC’s VDX resource sharing system to WorldShare ILL, Te Puna members can take full advantage of streamlined workflows, and increased access to resources held in libraries within New Zealand and in libraries worldwide.

“We are delighted that this new agreement with OCLC continues the National Library’s strategy of ensuring the national system is in an environment that allows us to easily adapt to changes affecting the community and thus effectively respond to our members’ needs,” said Bill Macnaught, New Zealand National Librarian. “The 2016 migration of New Zealand’s national bibliographic system to OCLC’s WorldShare Metadata Services platform was of significant benefit to Te Puna member libraries, and this project continues to build on our productive relationship with OCLC on behalf of the country.”

“OCLC are working with us to ensure highly valued services are maintained and at the same time providing exciting new services, such as enabling requesting with international libraries and vendors,” said Rachel Esson, Director, Content Services, National Library of New Zealand. “We are very happy that we will be offering Te Puna members enhanced workflows and increased benefits.”

“We are very pleased to expand our successful partnership with the National Library of New Zealand,” said Mary Sauer-Games, OCLC Vice President, Global Product Management. “With WorldShare ILL, Te Puna libraries will benefit from more flexibility in workflows, improved efficiencies and increased national collaboration on OCLC’s WorldShare platform.”

The National Library of New Zealand has been working with OCLC to host services since 2013. Adding WorldShare ILL is the latest in a series of partnerships to move bibliographic services to OCLC.

Implementation of WorldShare ILL has already started in New Zealand, and the more than 200 Te Puna libraries will be live with the service by the end of the year. Application and technical support will come from OCLC’s Melbourne office; Te Puna members are supported through a team of Te Puna Specialists.

The announcement is here.