New website released on health, nutrition and population; 世界银行推出卫生、营养和人口新网站

The World Bank has launched a new website featuring data on health, nutrition and population (HNP) topics. This new website, HealthStats, is a central place to explore, visualize and download HNP data. It provides access to more than 250 indicators for over 200 countries, covering topics such as health financing, HIV/AIDS, immunization, malaria and tuberculosis, health workforce and health facilities use, nutrition, reproductive health, population estimates and projections, cause of death, non-communicable diseases, and water and sanitation.

Some of the features include:

  • Animated data visualization demonstrating trends over decades
  • New database of historical and projected population data and estimates
  • Social sharing capabilities via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail

Users can also access data by country, topic or indicator and view data in tables, charts, maps, and pre-formatted tables. For more information, visit the site at; see a corresponding blog at


世界银行推出了一个关于卫生、营养和人口(HNP)的新网站。这个新网站,即 HealthStats, 是查找、可视化和下载HNP数据的一个主要站点。它提供200多个国家的250多个指标数据,覆盖包括卫生融资、艾滋病病毒/艾滋病、免疫、疟疾和肺结核、卫生工作者和卫生设施利用、营养、生殖健康、人口估计和预测、死亡原因、非传染性疾病、以及水和卫生等题目。


  • 展示数十年趋势的可视化动态数据
  • 新的人口历史和预测数据库和估计值
  • 通过Facebook、Twitter和e-mail进行社交分享