New web-archiving report tackles ‘moving target’ of preserving digital memory

(24 May 2013) The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has released its latest in the series of topical Technology Watch Reports to the public today. ‘Web Archiving,’ by Maureen Pennock, presents a constructive study of the fast-paced digital age and the pressures we face in attempting to capture web based information for the future.

Maureen’s report outlines some of the current issues faced by organisations engaged in this challenging occupation. “The speed at which the web has become part of everyday life is unprecedented…Yet the very speed at which it develops poses a threat to our digital cultural memory, of its technical legacy, evolution and our social history,” she explains.

‘Web Archiving’ advises on some of the technical approaches to web archiving and, crucially, provides valuable information on the resources available to support organisations tackling this ‘moving target.’

Web Archiving is the latest in the state of the art ‘Technology Watch Reports’ that give an advanced introduction to ensuring that high-value and vulnerable digital resources can be managed beyond the limits of technological obsolescence. Neil Beagrie of Charles Beagrie Ltd acts as managing editor of the series.

Read the full announcement here:

Read Maureen Pennock’s report ‘Web Archiving’