The new English website of Peking University Library

(21 March 2017, Peking University)  On 20 March 2017 the English version of Peking University Library homepage ( was formally launched and ready to provide services for readers.

Through carrying out extensive research on English portal sites of prestigious universities in non-English speaking countries, Peking University Library primarily targeted at ‘aesthetically pleasing design, comprehensive content, and precise service.’

In terms of the technical framework, the newly released website adopted ‘Drupal’ to optimize and innovate the interface design, whereby the website not only maintains consistency in style between bilingual sites, but also guarantees readers’ convenient access to services as well.

With respect to page content, the website, besides offering the language-switching function, which promises a convenient switch with just a click, strives for precise interpretation and expression. To ensure accuracy and authority, the library invited teachers from the Department of English to proofread and examine the overall content of the site.

The homepage, a service portal of Peking University Library, is supposed to have a smooth connection to many significant library resources and services. Therefore, the Information and Data Center of PKU Library adopted various technical means to make sure its exterior service system is friendly to users’ language habits.

After launching its English homepage, PKU library became the first university library in mainland China that is equipped with both Chinese and English portal services.

Peking University Library welcomes all constructive counsel, and endeavors to provide services of higher qualities to promote the development of Peking University. has the announcement. The Chinese version is here.