New digital portal makes thousands of Hoover’s rare materials available online

(17 February 2017) The Hoover Institution Library & Archives is pleased to announce the launch of a new digital collections portal that contains more than 55,000 digitized posters, photographs, documents, sound recordings, and moving images from Hoover collections, with new items frequently added. The portal will allow remote users from around the globe to access the rich collections at Hoover for research and educational purposes. Nearly 44,000 of the items currently available through the portal are in the public domain and can be viewed online; items which are protected by copyright are described online but available for viewing in the Hoover Archives reading room.

The new digital portal includes:

  • 33,000 political posters
  • 5,500 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty broadcast sound recordings
  • 1,800 photographs from the Russian Imperial Secret Police (Okhrana) collection
  • 1,500 transcripts and 300 full-length videos of William F. Buckley’s Firing Line television show
  • 1,400 articles and sound recordings on economics by Nobel laureate Milton Friedman
  • 600 autobiographical sketches of Nazis collected by Theodore Abel in 1934
  • 150 propaganda flyers targeting US soldiers in the Vietnam War, collected by Florian Herz
  • 50 diaries by General Joseph Stilwell; Earnest Easterbrook, US Army officer in the China-Burma-India theater; Hugh Gibson on his post-World War II food mission; Julean Herbert Arnold, US commercial attaché in China; and Leonard Porter Ayres, economic adviser to the Allied Powers Reparation Commission
  • 500 World War II-era broadcast recordings collected by the US Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service
  • 200 color photographs of Japan presented to Jane Stanford in 1902
  • 30 sound recordings of events at the San Francisco conference of world leaders that created the United Nations in 1945

The new web portal allows users to search and browse by title, subject, name, date, and other keywords. Users can also:

  • Filter search results by collection title, creator name, subject keyword, date, language, general format (poster, text, sound, still image, moving image), country of origin, and physical form
  • Search the full text of PDFs
  • Stream audio and video
  • Share content via social media
  • Create and save personalized groupings of items
  • Automatically generate citations in Chicago, MLA, and Wikipedia format

Visit to explore the rich volume of rare material from Hoover’s collections now available online.

The announcement is here.