National Library attacked by terrorists in Exercise Heartbeat

(26 September 2018) Children are not spared from the horrors of terrorism and yesterday morning the sacred silence of the National Library of Singapore was shattered by the sound of gunfire, as people fell and scrambled for cover.

In a simulation exercise, three gunmen crashed a car into the bollards of the National Library in Victoria Street, opening fire at civilians, including children.

The scenario had two of the attackers being shot by the police at the event plaza, while one entered the children’s section in the library’s basement.

It was there that he fell, in a chaotic shootout with the police, the children cowering between the shelves.

The counter-terrorism exercise, code-named Exercise Heartbeat, is in its 10th year.

It was organised by the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force and supported by the National Library Board.

The New Paper has the full story by David Sun and photos.