Multimedia case study model debuts at Alexander Street

(19 February 2014,  Alexandria, Va)   Alexander Street Press has introduced the next wave of digital learning products—case studies delivered via seamlessly integrated text, audio, and video—with its two newest collections: Engineering Case Studies Online and Psychological Experiments Online. Available on Alexander Street Press’s new interface, these multimedia collections allow students and scholars to easily find, compare, and share information in a broad range of media formats.

Engineering Case Studies Online provides primary source materials for the in-depth analysis of key engineering failures. The case study approach to learning enables students to examine more than 50 of the world’s most frequently taught cases together with supplementary materials from more than 1,000 additional failures.

Using Alexander Street’s proprietary technology, the collection pairs 250 hours of video with 50,000 pages of text material. Users receive convenient, integrated access to documentaries, monographs, simulations, primary footage, maps, participant testimonies, blueprints, and more for an unprecedented 360-degree learning experience.

Psychological Experiments Online is similarly sweeping in scope, uniting the most important psychological experiments of the 20th and 21st centuries. More than 75 hours of audio and video recordings accompany 40,000 pages of primary-source documents to provide a nuanced, holistic view of the research that forms the foundation of contemporary psychology.

This collection highlights the experiments central to undergraduate psychology courses, from Solomon Asch’s conformity experiments to John B. Watson’s Little Albert study. It captures each quintessential study in unprecedented depth by incorporating never-before-digitized materials, such as the personal papers of Stanley Milgram and Philip Zimbardo.

The press release is here.